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Thank you!
« on: September 25, 2012, 12:02:03 PM »
Dear friends in Kuopio,
Dear „Train Family“,

As we all have returned back home now after an exciting and hard-working week in one of the most Northern regions of Europe, it is time to step back for a minute and have a look on what we have again achieved:

Apart from discussions concerning the organization of our final meeting and therefore establishing our new workline E, voting on our common logo and seeing the first loco run, there were many group work sessions, which had a very fruitful and effective atmosphere and therefore profitable results for their further work. So, we as the coordinating team think that again we have made a great step forward towards the final of our project. Of course, there is work load for the coming month either when final designing the different parts or producing them on the machines, but nevertheless we have no doubts, that the next meeting in St. Pölten will show great results. Therefore we would like to say “Thanks a lot” in the name of the complete project.

According to many participants, the meeting was not only a great success in terms of technical progress, but it was also the chance to have an insight into life and living conditions in Finland. We think , that our day out with wilderness activities in the woods as well as the boat trip through the breathtaking scenery will be unforgettable. Thanks also for organizing the Inventor & MasterCAM workshops including the view to the KOLIBRI CNC milling machine. So let us congratulate to Irja & Ilkka and all the others of the great Finish team who had organized the whole week for us in such a perfect way. Thank you!

Furthermore, we would also and again say thank you to our associated partners from the HEIDENHAIN company who again offered their support as in all the other meetings and help for the further steps of realizing our project idea. We are all looking forward to meeting you again in St. Pölten.

Last but not least, we would again say “Thank you!” to all participants. As important and probably difficult tasks are still waiting for us to be worked out, we wish you all a good time, enjoy your time in the workshops and in school.

Stay in contact and … keep our “Train for EUROPE - RELOADED" running!

Many Greetings to all of you,
The German Delegation
BBS TGHS Bad Kreuznach