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Questions --> Important homework
« on: January 28, 2008, 12:14:39 AM »
Dear colleagues and European friends!

As you might already know if you have a look at your COMENIUS contract, everyone of us has to sent a individual report of our project work in summer 2008 to the responsible National Agency. Therefore it is very necessary that we evaluate our meetings, the project work and project progress!

Have a look at the application for our project. You will find a special item about evaluation and you have got a lot of points from your NA for the concept of evaluation. So we have to do it, otherwise we will get a lot of problems.

Please remember:
You are member of the biggest COMENIUS project. You can be sure that your NA and the European Commission as well would like to know what we have done with their 300.000 EUR!

So, let’s go!
That shouldn’t be a problem for us …

Cerasela has already found a very comfortable and powerful tool for an Online Survey.
But we don’t have any questions at the moment ;-)

Here some topics what we can evaluate:
Organisation, coordination, information, schedule, cultural activities, work groups, work lines, infrastructure at school, accommodation, travelling, factory visits, communication, associated partners, atmosphere, partners, European idea and much more …

A N D   N O W   T H E   H O M E W O R K :

I would like to ask everyone (without any exception!) of you to mail me at minimum 5 questions for the Online Evaluation which could be interested for us!

So take some time and be creative!

We will collect and cluster your questions and ideas.
Afterwards we will prepare the Online Evaluation and you can vote …


If everyone will send 5 questions, we will have a pool of more than 300 questions at the end!
For the Online Evaluation we will need 30 (+/-) of them, but we need only the best ones!

Please remember:
It’s an online evaluation.

So we don’t need “open” questions,
which will allow a free formulated answer. It’s not possible to evaluate such a kind of question statistical.

We only need “closed” questions,
which will allow pre-formulated answers and which can be marked by a simple cross in a option field.

Have a look at Cerasela’s test survey at and you will get an idea about that what I mean!

And please have in mind:
It’s not my project, it’s our project!
And it’s not only my report, it’s also your report!


Let us move the “Train for EUROPE”!

Many greetings
Heinz Wildgrube
CNC Network Coordinator
BBS TGHS Bad Kreuznach

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Re: Questions --> Important homework
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2008, 08:49:07 PM »
It have a sporting chance to display the questions here too to help the ideas come across our minds.
For example:

Let him mark his satisfaction on a six scale - 1: little ..  6: mostly
What was the organization of the meetings like?
How much the information was good flow?
Your proposals, ideas were taken into consideration?
How much did you feel yourself as equal one in the project?
How much was the schedule of the meetings good?
How much did the cultural programs on the meetings help the fulfilment of the European idea?
Can you feel useful and substantial the cultural programs of the meetings?
How much did you consider the atmosphere of the meetings good?
How much were the partners collaborative?
How much the groups which have got organized for the tasks were able to collaborate?
How much were the partners active?
How much did the partners prepare for the meetings?
How much did the partners involve the students in the work?