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Hello  Lacra


I have moved 4 questionnaires of satisfaction  to the course   

Technical CNC Dictionary    Section 7,8,9


The 4 questionnaires are open to the users from every country involved in project

The questions are only an example of the questionnaire, because you have to define the questions in your workgroup

If you want you can do a test in Portugal's meeting with teachers you can do



In the meeting maybe you can study the following items

Name of section into moodle  Ex : Measuring the satisfaction of students

Quantity of sections  for satisfaction into moodle:   Ex: students, teachers ....

Name of questionnaire   Ex: Questionnaire for students V1

The introduction of the questionnaire ( text with instructions ...)


Choose  the presentation of questionnaire  that you like between this 4 options:

1. Questionnaire for students V1

2. Questionnaire for teachers V1

3. Evaluation Projekt

4. Meetings 01


Good job in Portugal

Jaume Coll