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Dear Colleagues,

The moodle spanish team has been checking your results in the quizes Jaume prepared for you and the Third CNC Meeting, as a consequence of your results and the incorrectly submited answers we have decided to upload a brief guide about how to subbmit or save properly your answers.

Jaume wants to show with these practices the usefulness of Moodle, and how to work with it, so please, it would be very grateful from you if every team could reply the different surveys we issued.

Here I attach you some helpful information.

Attention. At the end of the quiz can be found the following buttons ...

1.SAVE WITHOUT SUBMITTING (on the left side)
2.SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH (on the right side)

You can click (1), it means you want to save what you have done so far on the server. Later you will be able to resume, to continue on, the quiz from the point that you left it.

You can click (2), it means you want to close the quiz and validate your answers. Then the system will calculate the note you achieved and immediately it will be shown to you. Besides, you will be able to find out where you were wrong.


In??s  ;)