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Dear Group Locomotive 1
« on: February 13, 2008, 12:43:48 PM »
Dear Group Locomotive 1, dear Heinz :)

I am a responsible person, my dear Group Locomotive 1, and
I beg you all once more: >:(

Dear friends from Malta
Elaine Zarb            
Ray Cassar       
Pierre Vella       

Dear friends from Holland
Peter van Amelsfoort    
Wim van Nistelrooij    
Rob Sars      

Dear friends from Poland
Andrzej Kulasa       
Joanna Mazur       

Dear friends from Catalan
Jaume Coll       
Eduard Calduch    
Laura Ramirez

Dear friends from Italiy
Francesca Artuso    
Romina Biava       
Retano Boffa       

Dear friends from Romania
Adelina Cordobin    
Cerasela Grigoras    

Dear friends from Slovakia
L??via Klokočova    
Zdenek Rada       

Dear friends from Czech
Věra Benediktov??    
Zdeněk Burian       

Dear friends from Hungary
Ferenc G??l       
Norbert Zsid??       

Once more summary of our meeting in France: ???

Our agreement was  :)
1 - to sent 1 (ONE) idea per school of our Locomotive 1 with electric power.

2 - This selected Locomotive our students must produced on CNC machines in our schools. Please think on that. It must be produced from Aluminium using CNC turning and CNC milling machines.

3 ??? Italy and Spain will make calculation and put it on Forum.

4 ??? All of them should be finished before 01.02.2008 and than the schools will vote.

5 ??? Romania will made the Forum (This is really well done)

That was conclusion of our meeting in Albi !!!

 ;D Until now on the forum we have models from Hungary, Czech and Croatia, movie from Netherlands, not finished model from Malta, misunderstanding from Spain, from some countries no sound no word no drawings no nothing. ;D

I suggest to all.
1.   Put on the forum CAD drawings that You have made.
2.   If You have some problems please write it on the forum - we can help You
3.   If You won???t be able to make the CADs, tell us please what You can make.
4.   You can vote, but please say something on forum so we can know that You are alive and still in the project.
5.   For all the schools involved in our project must be possible to see what is going on in that project of us.

:o  Vote proposals ??? made by CRO-team (teachers and students from I. Technical School TESLA)  FOR ALL OF YOU  :o

1 ??? Design of locomotive               from 0 to 10 POINTS
2 ??? Number of parts*               from 0 to 10 POINTS
3 ??? Possibility to make the parts
on school CNC mill machine             from 0 to 10 POINTS
4 ??? Possibility to make the parts
on school CNC turn machine            from 0 to 10 POINTS
5 ??? Number of operations per part         from 0 to 10 POINTS
6 ??? Number and type of tools (standard or special   from 0 to 10 POINTS
7 ??? Approximately price of locomotive*         from 0 to 10 POINTS

??   *2 can be only a guess, *7 too.
??   * 7 the most expensive part gets 0 points the cheapest 10 points
??   * 2 low number of parts, big number of points
The voting day on forum is now the 22.02.2008

1. ONE LOKOMOTIV - OTHER COUNTRY (You can???t vote for yourself!)
2. Voting as in our proposal
3. SIGNED AND EXPLAINED BY THE TECHNICAL PERSON AND IN ENGLISH (Slovakia, we can???t understand you ??? let you English teacher do her/his job!)
4. It is not a part of school, it is the project of all of us. You can???t do it 2 or 3 hours in the week ??? now is the time to do it 2 or 3 hours each day.

Thanks to all
Slade Ivo

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Slade Ivo

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Re: Dear Group Locomotive 1
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2008, 01:12:28 PM »
Dear All,

I agree with IVO please let us know that you are still ALIVE !!!

For the moment I have attached a 3D of our wagon just for infomation/comment. The students tryed to keep it simple and able to be machined on our small CNC machines.

I have seen the comment from the TRACK group and they are thinking of a 10 meter diameter track.
I think this it way too much, for this reason our students made the wheels tiltable +/- 10 degrees.
This should make the turning radius much smaller.

Best regards,


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Re: Dear Group Locomotive 1
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2008, 01:31:24 PM »
Hi dear Locomotive 1 friends,
in our opinion the voting proposals are very complicated and detailed. Our students haven??t  worked on the locomotive design so far because in Albi the number  1 taks for the meeting in Ivrea was to make  drawings  and ideas of the engine and transmission. We suggest to come back to the previous Ivo??s proposal for voting- one school, one idea. The other points could be discussed in Ivrea in the Locomotive 1 session. The complete voting rules for the whole locomotive are great and we can use them after making all the parts of the locomotive.
We are afraid  we cannot see the ideas of groups Locomotive 2,3.

All the best,
Zdenek and Vera

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Dear Group Locomotive 1
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2008, 09:22:44 AM »
Hi dear friends from Locomotive 1 Group,

I hope we'll have our electric locomotive drawings on the forum in a few days.
Although we have difficulties not having CNC machines in our school. But  we'll manage with the help of our partner.
About the voting system I also think it must be detailed and it's very good   for each one of us has to make one part of the locomotive.

All the best,
Adelina & Cerasela