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qualificaation pathway
« on: February 02, 2008, 10:51:28 PM »
All of the vocational qualifications in this country are governed by QCA, the web site is enormous so I will give you the chance to browse it at your discretion, and the full web site is

  The various pathways are all explained on this web site, with details of entry requirement for each course and the progression routes.

People who do practical vocational qualifications instead of academic qualifications are more likely to go into a profession where they can use these skills, i.e. engineering, construction, etc.

People who do degrees are more likely to go into management or teaching, or become doctors, although there are lot of people at the moment who find it hard to get a job after completing there degrees, who have taken jobs in banks and call centres, doing low level jobs with little chance of improvement, or personal development, until a degree job becomes available.

If you require any more information please let me know

Martin Prior