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Moodle techincal dictionary
« on: February 01, 2008, 03:15:54 PM »

BE        Belgium

BG        Bulgaria [SEV]

FI          Finland

FR        France

NL        Netherlands

PL        Poland

RO        Romania

SE        Sweden

ES        Spain


At our school,  we have prepared an installation of moodle to work  with  the dictionary

We have created a course of moodle and a user for each country


I have sent to your e-mail  a document that explains how to enter moodle

I have sent the user and password for your country in another mail

When you enter to moodle , you can change your password ( edit your profile)

Into the course you can see all the material for the dictionary , and the explanation of task 2

I think it's a good way to exchange information and learn how moodle works


I have prepared the following material which is also within the course of moodle

??          One explanation of  dictionary :  (TECHDICT dictionary  comenius_E04.pdf ).  Is the document that I show at the reunion of Albi

??          Planning of all  the tasks to be performed during the project: ( TECHDICT gantt_tasks_vocabulary-E01.pdf) . Is the first idea

??          A summary of the languages and countries of the project (TECHDICT Countries language E01.pdf )

??          An explanation of the task 1, we have to do the 9 schools that participate in the dictionary (TECHDICT Task 01 .pdf )

??         A file excel that each school has to fill with words of the category assigned (TECHDICT step 01.xls)


I believe that with this material we can begin to work.

I propose as the end of the task 1 day 5-03-08 ( see ( TECHDICT gantt_tasks_vocabulary-E01.pdf for more details )


Best regards

Jaume Coll


For your information, in Barcelona we have created a blog of Comenius project

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Re: Moodle techincal dictionary
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2008, 02:53:57 PM »

I am from Slovakia,
I don????t in asi group, becose it timed stop away in Albi, but shall I focus, to am she could have technical dictionary put in to Slovak language and in to Czech language with Vera. I don????t get on your web page, please about prideleni entrance for Slovak and nip.