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DEAD LINE is here
« on: February 01, 2008, 01:49:25 AM »
Dear EURO-CNC-net friends :D

Our group (Locomotive 1) has 10 members written on the whiteboard

  1. Malta                   2. Holland              3. Croatia                 4. Poland              5. Spain                 
  6. Italy                 7. Romania                8. Slowakia               9. Czech             10. Hungary

Our agreement was that we will sent 1 (ONE) idea per school of our Locomotive 1 with electric power.

 ???It must be done until 01.02.2008. ???

For this Locomotives our students and we will vote to select one we think it is the best solution.
This selected Locomotive our students must produced on CNC machines in our schools.
Please think on that. It must be produced from Aluminium using CNC turning and CNC milling machines.
We do not make train models and new beautifull design!!!  ::) :P ;D :-\
We must produce Locomotive and Wagons and that all must go forward.
Italy and Spain will make calculation and put it on Forum. >:(

But today is the last day for your ideas. Only ONE IDEA FROM EACH SCHOOL

I got some e-mails, but please write it all on Forum. All must see what we are doing in this project.

I sent You some more pictures of our CRO-locomotive with Electromotor and gear transmission
All our drawings are now in Catia V5 only for designing.
We made also all drawings in Auto CAD 2005 and 2006.

Thanks to all :) :) :) :)
Slade Ivo

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