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minutes of moulding group Barcelona, Oct. 25th
« on: November 10, 2008, 07:06:14 PM »
Minutes of moulding group Barcelona, 25th Oct

Starting time: 12.30 h
Heinz Wildgrube [DE], Joan Andreu, Jaume Coll [ES], Ray Cassar, Pierre Vella [MT], Harald Falschlunger, Gerhard Jank, G??nter Amst??tter, Manfred Schweinhofer, Johann Wiedlack [AT]
Students :
Aurore Brard, Paul Gely, Thibaut Jauroux, Samy Pesse, Jordan Guiral, Elise Massol [FR], Ferrer Pau [ES], Matthew Pulicino, Malcolm Sammut, Christopher Vella [MT], Katharina Althaler, Stefan Maier, Andreas Willim, Elias Greier [AT]

Buffer design

The decision on buffer design of Friday, 24th, was discussed shortly and everybody agreed to stick to it. The buffer should consist of two parts made by injection moulding, the outer buffer body having a slightly convex circular head plate and the inner buffer pin with a flat circular retaining plate. The pin will be pressed into the body, the latter sliding on its outer surface in a boring of the mounting plate and carrying the compression spring. Care has to be taken of the protruding length which should not exceed 15,5 mm to allow for the bending movement of the wagons which have a coupling distance of 35 mm. As the outer buffer plate has a thickness of 4,5 mm and for the carrier plate a thickness of 5 mm is suggested, the inner length of the buffer body should not be longer than16 mm.

Buffer mould

The base plates for the mould are reported to be ready and waiting at HTL fulpmes, this leaving three plates to be manufactured.
a) Injection plate: Malta announced to be able to produce it if students are available and will report if so until 10th of November. If this fails, St. P??lten will produce it under the condition that the necessary drawings and materials are provided.
b) Form plate: This will be made by the German students together with
c) Ejector plate

Malta promises to send pin ejectors as soon as possible to Fulpmes who in turn will check the thickness of the backplate and report it to Jaume for the correct drawings. He will then contact Malta.
It is regarded as very important that if possible, all the wagons and locomotives should use these buffers as these are the only moulded parts, moulding being a special feature of the project. This point was stressed later in the plenary session.

End of moulding group meeting: 13.30 h

Johann Wiedlack