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Speed of our test locomotive
« on: September 12, 2008, 10:51:40 AM »
Hello fellow eurpeans,

I am Marvin, and I joined this project this year.

I made some calculations of the speed of our motor.

We have tried several motors that could not pull the weight of 100kg. So they would not pull it with PWM for sure. Now we have a motor which has 550 rpm.

Here are my calculations to show what speed we can get with this motor (if it can pull the 100kgs).

From what I've heard we have to archieve a speed of 0.2 m/s which is 12 m/m and 720 m/h.

Specs of our motor and Cogs.

550 RPM
Amps and Watt unknown (we can calculate that, but I havn't done that right now.)


We have two Cogs, one with 10 teeth, and one with 32 teeth.


The cog with 10 teeth is on the motor, the other one on the weels. So if the 32 teeth cog (big cog) turns one round, then the 10 teeth (small cog) has turned 3.2 rounds.

The motor turns 550 rpm, devide this by 3.2. This shows that the motor can turn the big cog 171.875 rounds/minute (rpm)

The diameter of the weels is 44 mm, the acces of the weel is diameter x pi which gives 44 x pi (3.14 etc) = 138.16

So the distance the train can travel without any weights would be:

171.875 x 138.16 = 23746.25 mm/m

= 23.74625 m/m
= 23.7 m/m
=  1422 m/h
= 1.4 km/h
I hope I have given enough information about our calculations and I hope I can expect a reply.

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