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Circular track + bogies
« on: June 24, 2008, 12:14:24 PM »
Dear friends, colleagues, students + everybody else involved in our project

It???s time to give you news about the progress of our electric engine 2.

Unfortunately I have to tell you that there has been some delay with finalising the drawings. This is our task here at the HTL Fulpmes.

The reason, I???m being told, is the diameter of the circular track as proposed in Ivrea. Try as they might, our students couldn???t make the original design fit into the track. And so they had to redesign it, this time with two bogies. All this takes time, as I???m sure you will appreciate, particularly as the students have to do their regular work as well.

Maximilian, who???s been to Ivrea with us, has contacted Nicolas in Albi, and the two of them have agreed upon how to go on.

I hope you will understand that I???m not keen on giving any new deadlines now ??? I???m not quite sure myself how all this will go on. Holidays are coming up all over Europe, so we???ll just have to wait and see...

Which brings me to my last, but equally important point: to wish you all nice holidays, hope you???ll be able to relax + to recover, and let???s hope we???ll have a wonderful summer, hot + lots of sunshine. (At least that???s what people from the northern part of Europe hope for ??? way down south this may be different...)

Thank you all for your cooperation and also, of course, for your patience!

Heinz from Fulpmes