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Hello friends,

Hope you are all fine!

As you might remember, we were supposed to do 3 questionnaires (for schools, students and teachers).  Helmut and I had decided that we first do 1 questionnaire and then in Italy, we finalize it and then do the rest. 

I have finalized the first questionnaire to be distributed to Schools.  Please take a look at it and give me an suggestions or what to improve! If it is possible, send me any suggestions this week so that when we meet in Italy, I will present the final version of the first questionnaire.

If you have any alternatives, do not hesitate to forward them.

Also, I am not an English teacher......sooooooooooooo  if you see any mistakes, just let me know. Most of you are English teachers so i am sure they are better than me!!!

See you all in Italy


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