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Loco 1 ??? ??? ???
« on: March 03, 2008, 08:33:13 PM »
Dear Wim, dear Euro CNC friends

I was not in Zagreb last week, but as you can see our two try-outs for voting fall down.

I am disappointed and I have no more ideas, how to animate some people (countries) to make Computer Aided Design of our Locomotive1.

The idea was to choose one design, to make one locomotive. On this way any country can make a part or two and the first group will make electro-locomotive.

O.K. Maybe its better, that every country make their own locomotive and we will discuss about models in Italy.

But I don???t know why we need forum (good work Cerasela!). What for? Some countries didn???t made models, drawings, didn???t write not even one letter on forum. If they can???t make drawings, how it will be with parts or whole wagons?

Dear friends - I think that our meetings are not vacations.

I animate my students in this project. They made design and we start with part production ??? students have made wheels and axis, now they want to start with chasses.

We will make our CROLoco for our interpolation of CNC network in our school program. That is COMENIUS - so far as I know.

My advice is to do the same in other schools. 

And a part of the Comenius is also - to cooperate with the others.

See You all in Italy

Slade Ivo

Slade Ivo