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Title: Final Homework 02 - Drawings of your waggon
Post by: [DE] Heinz Wildgrube on May 20, 2009, 02:22:43 PM
Dear colleagues and European friends!

Hope you???re well and all pictures (see Final Homework 01 ( ;-) are already on the way to me!

Here we go with homework 02:

For a longlasting documentation of our project results I would like to ask you for posting all the drawings (maybe also sketches, pictures, descriptions, documents, cnc-codes etc.) of your waggons on our forum. The vision of this is that it should be possible to rebuilt all our waggons by other schools in future. So, please post everything which is necessary to manufacture your waggon. Therefore you will find a new topic at our forum Waggon - Drawings (

Don???t forget to convert all drawings and other documents to the pdf format.

Please note that the maximum attachment size allowed in our forum is 2056 KB. You can add 10 files per posting. So, perhaps you have to send more than one postings.

Let???s keep the European fire burning!

Many greetings
Heinz Wildgrube
CNC Network Coordinator
BBS TGHS Bad Kreuznach

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